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Mortar Coupling 50mm Male/Male
Model: MC/50/MM
Weight: 0.9Kgs

Details:Male Mortar Coupling 50mm With 2" BSP male tail Steel, W.P. 40 Bar rated for grout applications To suit 50mm I.D. hose
Mortar Coupling 50mm Male/Tail
Model: MCS/50/M
Weight: 0.6Kgs

Details:Item Code: MCS/50/M  :   Mortar Coupling 50mm Male Camlock with Male tail for 50mm ID grout hose.  

Details:Mortar Coupling Ferrule suit 25mm I.D. hose For external swaging to 25mm Hose tails

Details:Mortar Coupling Ferrule suit 35mm I.D. hose For external swaging to 35mm Hose tails

Details:Item Code: MCF/50  :   Mortar Coupling Ferrule for use with 50mm ID grout hose. For external swaging to 50mm hose tails (MCS/50/T and MCS/50/M)  
Mortar Coupling Handles
Model: MC/H
Weight: 0.1Kgs

Details:Mortar coupling handles sold per pair complete with pins.
Mortar Coupling Seal 25mm
Model: MCS/25
Weight: 0Kgs

Details:Mortar Coupling Seal, to suit 25mm I.D. female coulings
Mortar Coupling Seal 35mm
Model: MCS/35
Weight: 0.01Kgs

Details:Mortar Coupling Seal to suit 35mm I.D. female coulpings
Mortar Coupling Seal 50mm
Model: MCS/50
Weight: 0.01Kgs

Details:Item Code:  MC/50/S  :   Mortar Coupling Seal - to suit 50mm ID female camlock (MC/50/F/F)
Mortar Coupling Tail 25mm
Model: MCS/25/T
Weight: 0.1Kgs

Details:Mortar Coupling tail for 25mm I.D. hose 1" BSP male thread