New Products

Grout Pot
Model: GP/100/300/6
Weight: 0Kgs

Details:Grout Pot 100mm ID, 6mm wall, /330/6 c/w 127mm OD Collars, 300mm long, Requires End Cap - EC/100
Pumping Port
Model: PP/125
Weight: 0Kgs

Details:Pumping Port, 125mm ID, for connecting to Wood or metal shuttering. c/w 148mm OD collar & M16 Bolt holes
Model: SHT/125
Weight: 0Kgs

Details:Shutter 125mm id, c/w 148mm od collars, Clips on placing hose.
Floor Bracket 125mm
Model: FB/125
Weight: 0Kgs

Details:Floor Bracket for hanging vertical pipelines over the edge of floor decks (Picture is for illustration purposes and shows compatible U-bolt and spacer which are available separately)
Model: HI/63/125/S
Weight: 1.25Kgs

Details:Hose Inserts 88.9mm Collar, 125mm Long (to suit 63mm Screed Hose)
Lifting cap
Model: TR/100/CAP
Weight: 0Kgs

Details:Tremie lifting cap Male tremie thread - 16mm ID  lifting eye to accomodate D Shackle
Tremmie Pipe 100mm Suspension Jig
Model: TR/100/SJ
Weight: 7.6Kgs

Details:Tremmie Pipe 100mm Suspension Jig Can simply be installed with two lenghts of scaffold pole or re-bar, to rest on shuttering  

Details:Concrete Hose Skid / Disk 610mm Diameter Concave Steel Disk to suit 4" & 5" concrete pumping hose.
Sponge Ball 75mm OD
Model: SB/75/S
Weight: 0.06Kgs

Details:Limited Stock. Available in soft density only. Colour/s - green only.
Fischer setting tool
Model: resin/setting/tool
Weight: 0Kgs

Details:Universal Setting tool for resin studs SDS Drill fitting