New Products

Model: Wax/5
Weight: 4.75Kgs

Details:Wax 5L
Wax Sprayer
Model: Wax Sprayer
Weight: 0.7Kgs

Details:Oil Resistant Sprecial Pump Sprayer 1 Ltr capacity Max working pressure 3 Bar Brass pump rod & viton seals
Audit - Gel
Model: Audit - Gel
Weight: 0Kgs

Details:Ultrasonic Gel for thickness tester
Thickness Tester
Model: Sauter/TD225
Weight: 0.82Kgs

Details:Sauter Ultrasonic thickness tester, TD 225-0.1 US complete with probe.
Pipeline sticker
Model: PLS
Weight: 0Kgs

Details:Pipe line sticker, Extra Large, Laminated Self-Adhesive Stickers - Black on yellow, 7 year rated Ultra violet resistant 'ATTENTION High Pressure Pipe Line DANGER'
Model: WHIP/L
Weight: 0.3Kgs

Details:Whipcheck Safety Cable - Large. Length 965mm, Breaking Strain 2350kg. Suitable for use with Concrete Pumping Hose.
Mortar Coupling Tail 25mm
Model: MCS/25/T
Weight: 0.1Kgs

Details:Mortar Coupling tail for 25mm I.D. hose 1" BSP male thread
Mortar Coupling Tail 35mm
Model: MCS/35/T
Weight: 0.1Kgs

Details:Mortar Coupling tail for 35mm I.D. hose, 1.25" BSP male thread. Use with MC/35/F/F for female end of 35mm I.D. hose.  
Mortar Coupling Tail 50mm
Model: MCS/50/T
Weight: 0.3Kgs

Details:Item Code: MCS/50/T  :  Mortar Coupling tail for 50mm ID grout hose with 2" BSP male thread. Use with MC/50/F/F for female end of 50mm ID grout hose.
Mortar Coupling 35mm Male to 25mm tail
Model: MCS/35/25/R
Weight: 0.4Kgs

Details:Mortar Coupling 35mm Male reducing to 25mm tail to fit to 25mm I.D. hose. This enables a 25mm I.D. hose to connect to the female end of a 35mm I.D. Hose.